2017 Morgan Associate of the Year

We want to congratulate Morgan Auto Group’s “2017 Associate of the Year” Grant Hocking from Brandon Honda. Grant is the Quality Assurance Manager at Brandon Honda and has been with the group for close to 5 years. He is an outstanding associate and often lauded for his consistency, positive and selfless attitude, clarity of communication and execution working along the Brandon Honda Service drive.

Tonight (Wednesday September 20th) Grant will be throwing out the first pitch at the Tampa Bay Rays – Chicago Cubs game in St. Petersburg. This will give us a chance to acknowledge Grant’s hard work and dedication. Congratulations Grant!

“Grant is the guy that never lets you down. He will do anything necessary to accomplish his goals. He is a natural leader, he cares about his people, and he will drop anything he is doing to help somebody that needs it.” – Sam Raabe, Brandon Honda General Manager

“Grant is one of those rare individuals who wakes up each morning a better human being than the day before. Each day, he is laser-focused on learning, growing, leading, and executing. He has mastered the art of self-discipline. ” – John Marazzi, Brandon Honda Managing Partner

“If Grant has ever had a bad day I have never seen it nor have I seen it bleed into his work. It is rare to see someone with so much emotional intelligence who serves customers at such a high volume. He’s also a true student of customer service. Grant is always growing and learning but will stop at any turn to solve a customer’s problem. That to me is what makes him great.” – Brett Morgan, Morgan Auto Group