Hurricane Irma Information

For the latest information on Hurricane Irma’s progress use the NOAA website or Under Hurricane Warning Jason Hillman and Linda Flinn will keep the team updated. Once we are under a Hurricane Watch Dad I will coordinate business announcements with leadership.

For our internal Hurricane preparation resources click the link here

Updated Tuesday 9/12 4:20pm:

Currently every Morgan Auto dealership in Florida has power except for Ford of Port Richey and Toyota of Tampa Bay. Both have partial power and should be working to push operations out of the buildings where they have limited power. Sun Toyota and Jerry Ulm CDJR regained power late this afternoon. Many stores are still dealing with intermittent phone and internet issues and please make sure those issues are directed at our IT help desk. You can reach them online at

Naples Mazda / CDJR & Mazda will be open for business Wednesday as well on backup generator. All Naples employees that are able to safely report to work please do.

All other Morgan stores will be open normal hours Wednesday 9/13 unless you hear differently from your phone tree or management team. 

Updated Friday 9/8 9pm:

Most of our stores will be closed Saturday through Monday while Hurricane Irma makes its way through Florida. Some stores may open with skeleton crews to service priority appointments only. 

Updated Friday 9/8 10am: 

We are following the track of Hurricane Irma closely.

If you have employees (or are an employee) in an evacuation zone please encourage them to leave work NOW if they have not already to make necessary plans regarding their families and homes. If they have special needs or elderly family (or any high priority) please allow the same. 

After talking to many team members and GM’s this am this will be the protocol for the following 72 hours (for Sarasota market northward):

Friday – Open for Business (Closing time on GM’s discretion)

Saturday – Sales Open amended hours with volunteer crew / Service the same

Sunday – All Dealerships Closed 

Monday – Wait for further Communication (AM Supervision to Return to Supervise and Address Possible Damage)

If you need help with website, social announcements or porting dealership phone numbers to mobile devices during our dealership closures please let me know.

Naples CDJR / Mazda will be closing at 12pm today and opened with bare bones crew. 

If you have nervous employees wishing to leave let them go and take care of their families and home. As it looks now Irma won’t arrive into most of our markets until the early morning hours of Sunday or much later in the day.  Please make sure you are taking the opportunity tomorrow to review your specific dealership game plan as well as securing all items related to IT.

We will be monitoring the OFFICIAL NOAA update at 11am and will certainly amend this game plan if we get any additional news.

Text me if you have any questions 813.843.4543. Dad is at the office and our Exec management team is around if you have any specific concerns.


Updated Thursday 9/7 6pm: 

The updated 5pm NOAA track showed a slight turn to the west which brings Naples potentially more into play regarding Irma’s progress.

Naples Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and Naples Mazda will be closed for business Friday 9/8 with the exception of core employees making last minute dealership preparations in the morning. Unless the storm takes a drastic turn for the better Friday that would also mean the store would be closed Saturday.

We plan on updating all associates after the 11am NOAA update tomorrow. If you have employees (or are an employee) in an evacuation area or with loved ones of special need please allow them to take care of their families and their homes.
Brett Morgan, Morgan Auto Group

We will use this website for a means of communicating store closures and any / all emergency related information. Ensure your facility / emergency coordinator has prepared your dealership by using the resources below.


Hurricane Related Documents and Resources

Morgan Auto Group Hurricane Prep Guide (download .pdf)

IT Hurricane Preparation: How to prepare all things IT

Morgan Auto Group Contacts


General Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

Create a contact list of store leadership and include all available home land lines

Make sure cell phones are charged and have power supply backups if available

Secure Buildings and Property

Backup Data (Site Tech handling)

Backup Local Data to OneCloud (SEE COMPLETE IT LIST)

Clear all loose objects on property

Clear gutters and downspouts

Protect electronics, computers and other equipment (SEE COMPLETE IT LIST)

Make sure all employees update their information in ADP including land line information

If your dealership is prepared to offer shelter in the case of an emergency please stockpile blankets, water and other supplies

Test Backup Generators

Take Inventory of Hurricane Kits

Move Inventory if practical

Move Inventory to highest elevation on property